I Can Only Imagine

Movie reviews aren’t my thing.

Despite the fact I don’t get out enough to compare the latest Marvel to newest Rom-Com, I couldn’t help but feel a need to share my thoughts on this one.

On my podcast, Ian Collins and I cover politics weekly. We share our thoughts, press on new ideas, and share a little about our life experiences.​​

I want to discuss something different; what started as a triple movie date turned into a less than typical real-world experience. What do I mean by that?

Let’s set the table. "I Can Only Imagine" is a “Christian Movie.” No offense to the faith of my own but Christian movies have had the reputation of being low-budget, average quality with actors no one’s heard of. That’s just the truth. Usually sporting a good message, Christian movies, in a way, are a fight against worldly ideals and Hollywood norms. Movies that spread Christian ideas can be somewhat helpful for society as a whole, but how can it impact the individual? Why is "I Can Only Imagine" different?

It’s a simplistic story with a simple message. God forgives EVERYONE so we should forgive ANYONE. Usually, an idea we learn in Sunday school this notion of forgiveness is thoroughly lacking in our society today. We have always lived in a broken world, but politically speaking we are as divided and branched off as ever before. Any political scientist could blame political tribalism or reactionary politics on this current divide. To an extent I would agree, tribalism, identity, and conservative policies can have devastating effects on how we treat one another. But what if it’s a lot simpler. What if it is just forgiveness.

How could one simple Sunday school idea change our nation? ​​Forgiveness does affect community but on an individual level. As I said before, impacting the individual is how we change lives. Group identity and reactionary politics are not going to cut it. Forgiveness on an individual level will, and it works. I don’t mean using amnesty as a concept for government operation; I mean sharing mercy as a way of lifestyle.​​

Why live a life of forgiveness? Because that’s what Jesus taught; a lesson the movie displays. Whether you believe in God or not, when we set our hearts on the ideas of giving others a second chance, we open up ourselves to living a joyful life. Don’t worry I won’t spoil the movie for you, but recognizing the pathos used to touch the audience is notable and profound. That is why the movie is good. The use of emotional appeals in an all too common storyline makes it simple yet powerful. Our society lacks simple messages. Our culture needs the good news that is forgiveness.

I Can Only Imagine is a strive towards bringing it back. "I Can Only Imagine" relates to ANYONE because EVERYONE deserves to be forgiven. I hope when you have the time... sit down, reflect and imagine the power that forgiveness can have on others. If you want to hear more, tune into The Real News Podcast where I’ll expand on this idea during the culture conclusion segment.


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