A Magical March Strikes Midnight for Cinderella

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament provides a chance for smaller schools to put their name on the map. For private catholic school Loyola-Chicago, March Madness did just that.

The 11th-seeded Loyola put on the glass slipper and rode their Cinderella story all the way to the Final Four, before finally losing to 3rd-seeded Michigan.

Fans and spectators went to Twitter to react to Loyola-Chicago's wild ride coming to an end.

David Kaplan, a Chicago-based sports talk show host, believed that the team should be proud of

their accomplishments.

Fox Sports writer Aaron Torres reminded fans that Loyola-Chicago's improbable run was only made possible because of their Conference Championship win.

Villanova went on to beat Michigan in the National Championship game 79-62. Loyola-Chicago will look to return to the bracket next year and make another run at a title in 2019.

Photo Credits: Twitter

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