War & Leisure Tour: A Review

For the R&B artist "Miguel" and his tour "War & Leisure," the show did more than just fulfill my needs; it exceeded my expectations.

There was no better way to spend my Friday night than being at the Showbox in Seattle for the first time and seeing Miguel, an artist of high caliber.

Doors opened at seven and by the time I arrived and the show started at eight, the venue was already completely packed. The concert started off with great and energetic performances by two artists I wasn’t too familiar with (SiR and Nonchalant Savant). Both artists had great performances which were no more than 45 minutes and helped get the crowd hyped for Miguel. I believe both opening acts were talented enough to be able to have concerts of their own which I would take the time to see again in the future.

I want to talk about Nonchalant Savant. He stood out for not only representing a prominent place in West coast, Northern "Califoolya" hip-hop culture, but he also had a chant stating, “I know who yo baby mama really is” and I actually believe he does know who it is. By the time Nonchalant Savant walked off stage, the tone was set for the rest of the night. The lights dimmed a little bit, and out came Miguel who kept the party going the rest of the night. What I was expecting was Miguel to come out blazing and show the Seattle fans a good time. To my surprise, he stopped his show mid-set by saying the fans needed to make more noise and put some respect on his name. In lieu of putting respect on Miguel’s name and artistry, he actually started his set over for the crowd to get louder and become that much more hyped the second time around. What a legend.

The other fans and I sang along all night to songs I was familiar with, such as “Adorn” and “Quickie," to ones that I hadn't heard before. I wasn’t expecting a two-hour performance, but it happened. For an artist to have enough material to cover that amount of time is astonishing to think about, as artists today usually have a couple of singles or tracks that stay popular for around a month before disappearing, unless fans of the music and the artist have it in their playlists.

A unique attribute that separates Miguel from any other artist that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing live is that he was a great performer. Some artists, aren’t great live performers but are great studio artists. Miguel had the whole package as he is not only a great studio performer but also sounded just as good singing live. I was expecting to be able to feel my legs at the end of the show, but Miguel put on such a great performance that they were shaken to the point of no feeling. Ending the concert with his hit song that is flying across the airwaves “Skywalker,” all the fans sang along as I nodded my head and tried to sing the few words I knew. One thing I did know was that everyone who was at the show left “skywalking” in Seattle.

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