Last week I wrote about a petition to change the Ellensburg quiet hours, put forward by Chris and Theodor. My intent was to simply info and report, not dramatize and stir up controversy.

No fault of my own, I hit a nerve in the community, and response to the article was enormous. Viewed more than 500 times, the article generated quite a fuss on Facebook which included a great deal of back and forth between students and residents.

I was invited on KCWU morning news to share my remarks and reactions to some of the Facebook comments. Here are a few of my favorite comments.

After reading all the comments and following up with Chris and Theodor, here are three key takeaways from this story.

One, there needs to be a mutual respect in the community. Students need to respect local residents, and residents need to respect CWU students. Without a basic foundation of societal respect, the Ellensburg community will suffer from a hostile and agitated environment.

Two, the belief that all CWU students party or that all CWU students' are quiet are both false. Of course, some students party but some also decide to stay in for the weekend. At the same time, some students' are rowdy and disrespectful while others actively respect the noise ordinance. Both ideas about students are not mutually exclusive, some party, some don’t, and that’s that.

Three, everyone needs to understand the truth about college students and local residents. College students aren’t going to bed at 10:00 PM; it doesn’t happen, not even on weekdays. To think that the noise ordinance would detour or limit parties is false. It only leads to unpaid fines and adds to the burden of student debt. 

At the same time, local residents (some with newborns) don’t want to be woken up at 1:00 AM to 21 Savage and sloshed Sarah stumbling around on their front lawn.

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