The fifth edition of the Summit is back and better than ever this year. November 2nd through the 5th is the time to be watching channel BeyondTheSummit for the best Super Smash Brothers Melee gameplay of the year. In light of Smash Summit 5 coming up, here are 5 players you need to watch for during (and even before) the tournament.

5. aMSa

The Japanese Yoshi is coming to Cali. This will be Amsa's first Summit, and probably his most deserving one. In 2017 Amsa has gotten top 8 at many locals and Battle of BC 2. He almost made top 8 at EVO, GTX, and TBH 7. Amsa took a game of Mango at Smash Gods and Gatekeepers. Other than the sheer reason he plays Yoshi, Amsa probably got voted in because of his respect for all others in the community.

4. Hax$

Hax$ is a unique player in the scene. After getting hand damage from playing melee with a gamecube controller, Hax created a controller prototype called the B0XX. In order to make his presence felt again in the Power Rankings, Hax needs to get back to playing and practicing against the best of the best, and what better tournament to do so than Smash Summit? Hax had enough support to enter Summit after the first round of voting.

3. Plup

Next on the list is PG.Plup. He is coming off a big win over Armada at The Big House 7, which can be viewed here ___. Plup has now beaten virtually everyone in the melee community, including all 5 gods and Leffen. Mew2King has spoken about a new era of melee gods, and in his mind the player leading the pack is Plup. Plup winning Summit would be another huge milestone in his career given the fact that every top ten player in the world is attending.

2. Mang0

The fan-favorite. The kid. The buster. Who else is more deserving of their own pre-summit show at his own house? Look out for Mango's annual stream "Smash Summit 4.5" on his twitch stream before the actual tournament starts. Mango also is the captain of the infamous Smash Summit's "Team Beer." Mango has gotten 2nd, 4th twice, and 9th at the last summit after a huge upset by Liquid.ChuDat. He looks to rebound this time around and make a run at the money (literally.)

1. Armada

Smash Summit has had 4 tournaments and 1 champion. Armada has won a total of over $50,000 in his career in just 4 Smash Summit tournaments. He looks to continue this streak at Summit 5 as well. This also may be the deciding tournament to determine who will get number one in the 2017 end-of-year power rankings between Armada and Hungrybox.

Photo Credits: Allegiance Facebook

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