Well look who got their hand caught in the cookie jar (or in this case their nose near a rolled up 20 dollar bill next to some white powder). That is right, Miami Dolphins offensive line Coach Chris Foerster. And for the people who are unaware of the incident, pictures and a video released Sunday showing coach Chris Foerster snorting a white powder apparently right before a team meeting.

Now two things come to mind over this incident, one being that this is yet another occasion where athletes and coaches alike fail to use common sense before doing something stupid. I can just imagine dolphin fans and Florida natives saying “This is not the weirdest thing to happen in Florida” and indeed you are not wrong. But this is just another case where recording yourself making some not so smart choices. Just ask dolphins tackle Laremy Tunsil how that worked out for him.

My second thought about this is that football is stressful, I get it. Coming from the perspective of a Seahawks fan, watching your team almost try to suck for dramatic effect just to try and make a comeback that back fires a lot of the time. I can’t imagine being in a division that has to deal with Tom Brady all the time and dealing with a team that has only been to the playoffs 2 times since the 2001 season. The fact you’ve gone this long with Jay Cutler as your Quarterback without wanting to tear all your hair out is outstanding. But there are more ways to deal with stress than partaking in the “Booger Sugar”, like long walks on the beach, yoga, exercise, arts and crafts, stuff like that.

But that’s Miami for you, record wise there aren’t the worst team but they are making teams like the Cleveland Browns and the Jacksonville Jaguars look good. Really the only other thing I can say on this outrageous topic is share a quote for the tv show Rick and Morty (and I am indeed paraphrasing here) “Get your “stuff” together. Get it all together and put in a backpack. All your “stuff”, so it’s together and if you gotta take it somewhere, take it somewhere. Ya know? Take it to the “stuff” store and sell it or put it in a “stuff” museum. I don’t care what you do. You just gotta get it together. Get your “stuff” together”.

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