We typically go to concerts so that we can see the band, experience the lights, experience the camaraderie of hundreds or thousands of people who love this band just like you do. You want to hear your favorite song. Admit it, you go into the concert telling your friends, “Ugh, I just want them to play Dramamine like once live.” Explosions in the Sky is not that way.

Explosions in the Sky is a post-rock band from Austin, Texas. Post-rock is essentially what you get when you take a four piece band (drums, bass, lead guitar, rhythm guitar) and create symphony music with it. It is all instrumental, featuring series’ of crescendos and climaxes and falling actions. Their music is calm and foreboding, but in a good way. I was lucky enough to see them perform at Showbox at the Market on September 27th. Now, I am biased. Explosions is my favorite band ever. In fact, my DJ name, Eits, is based on their acronym. This was the second time I’ve seen them live, a quick two hour drive from Ellensburg or 45 minutes from my hometown of Gig Harbor. My first time seeing them? Driving 16 hours to stay in Oakland overnight to see them because that was as close as they were getting to me.

As for the Seattle show, it was an absolute wonder. The openers were mediocre at best but nobody cared because they were only there for one thing. Their light show was a simple light bar in front of the band and another behind the drummer, occasionally showing different light combinations as they bent around the band playing their symphonic delights. The weirdest part, and I truly mean this is a compliment, was that the show was just as good with eyes closed as it was peering to the stage. Explosions is not worried about stage presence or telling long stories for the crowd or yelling, “THANK YOU SEATTLE!!” They are just there, playing their music and really enjoying it.

I’ve been to 100+ concerts in my life ranging from my buddies playing literally in a garage to Muse headlining a show at KeyArena, and I’ve never seen an entire band finish a song, look at each other, and smile. They smile because they know they make awesome music that they like. They smile because they know they just killed that set. And they smile because they just played the greatest show I have ever seen in my 24 years..

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