Nick Offerman preforming at CWU Homecoming Night. (Oct. 7) (Photo: Deccio Creative)

For the 800 people who were lucky enough to sit in the SURC ballroom Saturday evening to watch a comedy genius and manly man Nick Offerman live...they were in for a treat. I was a part of those 800 people and I can say the performance absolutely lived up to the months of hype. I was so excited, I showed up an hour and a half before the doors even opened and there was already a long line forming, so safe to say I wasn't the only one excited, but I digress.

So the show starts and Nick Offerman begins with him bringing up CWU requesting him to censor his comedy act to make it more PG-13 friendly, that leads to him breaking into song about how he is incapable of going PG-13, and that alone set the tone of what everyone was in for. From then on he talks about his complete disdain for manscaping, the love for his wife (Megan Mullally from "Will and Grace"), how he wanted to get his point across that he is not Ron Swanson, and how we should all live the “Full bush” lifestyle (the name of his current tour).

His comedic timing for all his jokes was perfect for the whole show, how he would nonchalantly say the punchlines for his jokes made them that much funnier, and his famous laugh made the whole crowd chuckle every time. For those that don't know Nick Offerman’s laugh, imagine the ultimate man’s man, that can make canoes and tables with his bare hands, throw axes 600ft, and fight bears with just a pocket knife and a mean stare have the laugh of a 15 year old boy who just heard a dirty joke, that's Nick Offerman's laugh.

One thing that surprised me and something I actually really enjoyed is that he would play music live. He had a guitar and a ukulele on stage and would occasionally play a song during his act. His song topics would consist his incapability to go PG-13, playing a ukulele he built himself (yes, he actually built that ukulele), his hate for Facebook, and living life to the fullest (or going full bush). I thought the show overall was great and most certainly lived up to the hype. An easy 10 Ron Swanson mustaches out of 10.

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