A Story With Legs: Where Does the White House Go Next?

President Trump's first trip overseas as commander-in-chief went well by most measures. However, that didn’t change the tone here at home where news broke that Jared Kushner, Trumps son-in-law and senior adviser, had allegedly met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. His conversations may have eluded to a communication channel being built between the two countries. While this isn't uncommon between allies, it's rare, if not unprecedented that a civilian is the one to set this up.

The story line continues on that the Trump campaign team, or his administration may have had an inappropriate relationship with Russia leading up to last years election.However it has yet to be proven that President Trump himself had direct ties with the country. Which begs the question, what will the President and his administration do in the wake of these recent events related to Jared Kushner?

Just a few months ago, in February of this year, it was revealed that then National Security Adviser Michael Flynn hadn’t fully disclosed his conversations with Russian Ambassadors to Vice President Mike Pence. President Trump was quick to fire him from his role. This move helped calm many concerns that the President had a deeper connection with Russia. Now Trump is taking a lighter tone with Kushner, and it’s concerning many people that are on the President’s staff.

In reports that came out over the weekend, the President himself has said that options are on the table and he may be preparing for a big shake up in his administration. The Washington Post reported that he’s open to firing individuals on his staff, give Sean Spicer a smaller role, and govern his tweets more closely.

But will it be enough? In order for the President to gain a handle on this story, and calm concerns, he must be willing to distance himself from people who may have been caught up in this scandal. He must be willing to show that he's more interested in the American people than he is in protecting those around him.

At this moment the President hasn’t been linked to collusion, but those close to him are beginning to become a part of a broader story. His role as the President far outweighs family ties, and if Trump can recognize that he may be able to continue pushing forward and setting up his White House to run more efficiently and with fewer scandals. This story cannot dissipate and the American people can't move on unless we see the President actively showing that he had no involvement and will remove those who could have jeopardized his administration.

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