Around the Weird: Alien Spy, Amelia Earhart

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Many hellos, friends and family of the weird. The weather is getting nicer which means two things: the world is getting weirder and the ghost dogs are going to start their hunting patterns again. Please take both of these under consideration as you make plans in the future. Some of you may recall that I once talked about Amelia Earhart on my show. I offered a beautiful theory of the weird illustrating what may have happened to her when she disappeared. However, I think it is time to revisit Amelia Earhart in this blog. Why did she disappear and what secrets was she hiding?

When I first talked about Amelia, I mentioned that she was flying over the Pacific Ocean when she was sucked into a parallel dimension. She had to fight clones of herself in this dimension. After she finished fighting those clones, she was sucked into another universe with more clones of herself. As such, she had to fight clones of herself for all eternity. It truly was a terrifying experience. However, it is quite possible that Amelia suffered a different fate. What if Amelia disappeared in a different way? I think it is possible that Amelia lost the ability to talk and become literally invisible. This made it difficult for her to get the attention of others or let anyone know that she still existed. Alternatively, it is possible that she spent so much time in an airplane that she became an airplane herself. Rather than shame her family with this knowledge, she flew around the world until she could find a cure and return home. The tragic thing about this is that she probably never found a cure.

There are some people who claim that Amelia was a spy for the Japanese. Well, what if she was a spy? Yes, perhaps it is true that Amelia Earhart was a spy, not for the Japanese, but for the hidden aliens that live in Antarctica. She gathered data on the human race and our weaknesses. She did this because she too was an alien. This was 70 or so years ago. It is quite odd that the aliens have done nothing with this information. Perhaps they are waiting for a true opportunity. Or they are waiting for Meryl Streep to die because she is Earth’s true savior.

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