Around the Weird: The Beast of Bray Road

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Ahoy and welcome back to the blog of the weird. It is my sincerest hope that all of you have been enjoying Around the Weird recently. I have talked about Disney, ghosts, and Earth Day because I believe all of you should have the highest access to odd and strange things. For this blog, I believe it is time to dive deeply back into the world of cryptozoology. Numerous supernatural creatures have been reported to exist all over the world. One of these places is the supernatural playground that is Wisconsin. Yes folks, it is time that you learned about the Beast of Bray Road.

What exactly is this Beast of Bray Road? Despite what you may be thinking, it is not a sentient cactus that has decided to terrorize the kind people of rural Wisconsin. Instead, the Beast of Bray Road is believed to be a wolf-like creature that exists near Elkhorn, Wisconsin. People even report that the creature is able to transform from a human to a wolf at will. This means that the creature is a shape-shifter or a werewolf. Sightings of this beast have persisted since the 1980s and 1990s. This wolf-like creature has yet to harm or kill anyone, but it still creates a large sense of fear into anyone who sees it or lives near where it has been spotted.

So what is the real story here? Is there actually a werewolf living in rural Wisconsin waiting to strike? Experts have offered a number of theories to attempt to make this story more boring and true to real life. Those experts are just the worst. They claim that this animal might actually be an undiscovered variety of wild dog or coyote dog. Other people claim that this is an example of mass hysteria and the power of hoaxes. People simply claim that there is no werewolf creature. Of course, we know better than this. It is definitely possible that this creature could be a werewolf because werewolves definitely exist. It is also possible that people are seeing a local hermit who goes out for walks and forgets to shave. These people are being mean to the hermit. We should not be so quick to belittle his grooming habits. Finally, it is possible that this creature is simply a wild brand manager hiding out in the woods. It would be unwise to bother a wild brand manager as it could chase after you and do unspeakable things to you. I get scared just typing these things.

I hope I have informed you properly about this Beast of Bray Road. If you are ever in Wisconsin and you see this creature, please avoid trying to hug it. It might want you to refrain from hugging it. This creature does need its personal space.

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