The Masters: Day 1

Yesterday marked the beginning of one of, if not the greatest golf tournament of the year; The Masters. Augusta, Georgia has been the site of the illustrious major since 1934 and it is the only major golf championship that is hosted at the same golf course year in and year out. Since 1949, rather than a trophy, a green jacket has been awarded to the winner of the tournament. This year's event has already seen some major headlines arise from just the first day of competition.

The number one ranked player in the world, and a popular pick to win the whole thing; Dustin Johnson, is out due to an injury he suffered at his home to his back, which we have seen give Tiger Woods trouble in the past. He hopes to make a quick recovery and also to come back and compete at next year's Masters.

The wind caused issues aplenty on the course. At times so bad the sand from the bunkers would rise up out of the sand trap and blow out onto the course, and even into players eyes at pointses. The ball would be ready to putt on the green then slightly move one way or the other, causing the courses officials to have a busy day making sure competitors were correctly and fairly remarking their ball on the green. By the end of the event the winner will be more glad he's receiving a jacket rather than winning the tournament. Actually, the $1,800,000 that goes to the winner might be just a little more exciting.

At one point during the day the top of the leaderboard featured scores of four or five under par, but quickly fell off the leaderboard due to the extreme whipping winds. As the second round gets underway, starting at the top of the board will be Charley Hoffmann with a score of 65. Today's second round will feature more of the same weather, but hopefully some better scores.

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