Concert Review: MØ

"Wait how do you pronounce her name?" "Do you say the ø or is it silent?"

Let's clear this up before we start. It doesn't rhyme with No, nor does it rhyme with new. She's said herself that really only danish people can pronounce it correctly, but the rest of us can still give it a try. The danish letter ø is pronounced kind of like a mix between E and U. So it kind of sounds like Moo, but more, foreign... I guess?

Linguistics aside, I found myself surrounded by a bunch of Americans all pronouncing it Mo (rhymes with no), and I just didn't have the patience, nor did I want to come off as "That Girl" so I let them keep on pronouncing however they want to. I never really know what to do alone at a concert, so I patiently waited for the lights to go down.

And just at 8pm they did, and a very attractive woman walked out and grabbed the mic and introduced herself as Kittens. After some brief technical difficulties, she started her set. This was the first concert I had been to that the opener was strictly a DJ, not a singer, or band. She was clearly very talented and drew from mostly contemporary rap, and early 2000s R&B for her beats and drops.

However, it felt like she was in front of the wrong crowd, I didn't feel her talent could be fully appreciated by the crowd in the U District that night, and most of them were just sympathy dancing until it was over. Which I saw as unfortunate, but I do think I would have appreciated her more in a different environment. After a 45 minute set, Kittens thanked us, and left the stage.

After it was cleared, prepped, and a brief instrument sound check had been performed, the lights went down, and out she came.

Wearing a long tee shirt that read "DEATH METAL", shiny Nike's and a beret, she stood center stage. When it came time for her to sing, she poured out talent and energy, and it never ceased.

She quickly ditched the beret and rocked her platinum blunt bob. Her energy is infectious, she makes eye contact, she pulls you in. She dances erratically, jumping around the stage and falling on the floor. Backed by a drummer, guitarist, and a keyboard, (among the electronics as well) she filled the Neptune with energy and music.

I was honestly extremely surprised at how good she sounded. Not because I thought she was bad, but just because most artists sound worse, or at least different live. But she was amazing, on key, on pitch, every time, and her voice is intoxicating.

She also appears to be the sweetest danish export in the US. So kind, so adorable, and so clearly passionate about what she's doing.

There was a moment that she walked into the crowd! It was crazy,she was standing next to us, posing for selfies as she sang. She stopped right next to me and stood behind me with her hands on me. Unfortunately my camera was facing the wrong way, and by the time I was able to switch it around, all I got was this blurry selfie of my dorky face and the back of her head.

There was another moment when the lights went blue and she had the audience hold her up as she sang a stripped and slower version of "Cold Water" her song with Justin Bieber, and we all joined in.

I wanted desperately to hear, "Final Song" one of my favorites by her, and she did not disappoint. I belted along to my heart's content, and was left with quite the smile. I decided then to leave the pit (I was in the second row) and head upstairs to the merch table to procure myself a tee shirt. I then went on the upper balcony to watch as she ended with "Lean On" arguably her most popular song. And all the way back there, her energy was not dampened, no less powerful than in the second row.

The merch table didn't take card so unfortunately I left without a tee shirt, but I left with the experience of one amazing concert. So, thanks MØ.

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