Is It Time For The Mariners to Re-brand?

It's been 16 years since the Seattle Mariners have made it to the playoffs and fans are starting to lose hope if it's ever going to happen again. Maybe it’s time for the M’s to hit the restart button and give a fresh new look on the franchise.

I’m not saying blow up the roster…but to change the franchise look.

In the beginning of the team’s franchise, they use to wear the ever-favorite upside down trident. The reason why we didn’t see very much until now is because in Greek mythology the upside-down trident is bad luck. Well, this current logo is now looking like its causing worse luck than the old.

If we think about it, Jerry Dipoto is already changing what the team looks like on the field. With key acquisitions of Jean Segura, Jerrod Dyson, and Drew Smyly, the Mariners have added depth to a team that has been lacking over the years. Now there is speed in the lineup and an outfield that can be one of the best in the game. With all this new talent, why not do what the Arizona Diamondbacks did last year and jump-start the look.

I think currently the new trident had with the blue and teal colors are a neat look that fans have been looking for. I do believe that the current logo of the S and the compass mixed in, is out of date and it’s time to start forgetting about the past. The current logo is in the Griffey era. This fan base is not in that era anymore and with new stars like Felix Hernandez and Robinson Cano it would be nice to brand the team around them.

This can be the year that we break the 16-year curse. We have a team in place that can score runs and with the AL west looking to be getting weaker this might be our only chance, so let’s really change the look of this struggling franchise and get the fans excited. The Mariners almost there, now, let’s take off the brands of the past and look towards the future.

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