Around the Weird in 80 Days: Potato Chef and More

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Wacky well-wishes citizens of the weird. I hope you enjoy strange and unusual things because we are swimming in the stuff after last week. Last week, I talked about the rules of time travel and how voting worked. I hope you found satisfaction in both of my explanations. I also hope you don’t plan on visiting Shakira via time travel as I have spoken about the life-altering dangers of doing so already. I have more exciting things to talk to you about this week on Around the Weird in 80 Days, but I must first tell you about something important in my blog this week. Let’s talk about Netflix.

Everyone seems to love Netflix, from small children to angry old men and women. The streaming service has a number of movies and television series. However, what I am interested in most is original series. The streaming service has made a high number of original series in the past few years. This includes a show about a waffle-loving child with special powers and a show about an Indian-American trying to navigate love and life in New York City. I can watch these shows for days. Still, there is something missing. Netflix has missed a few opportunities that I wish to highlight here.

1. Potato Chef- A reality show about a cook who cooks nothing but potatoes. This would provide entertainment for the masses and let us know the many uses for a potato.

2. Doctor What- Now is the perfect time to create an American version of the U.K. Doctor Who series. It might be a rip-off, but rip-offs often lead to some of the best creative content.

3. Spider-Man- Sadly, this is not a series about the Marvel superhero. Instead, it is about a man who becomes part spider and scares away everyone he has ever loved. This would be a treat for anyone who likes horror, Franz Kafka, and people who become literal spiders.

4. Katy Perry- Musician-Detective- Who doesn’t like Katy Perry? I am betting that everyone would watch a show about a woman who lives half her life as an award winning musician and the other has as a crime fighter. I already can see that episodes like “The Case of the Missing Taylor Swift” and “The Case of Mysteriously Waking up in Vegas” would win all of the Emmys.

5. Radio Station- Shows like Parks and Rec and The Office have demonstrated that people are willing to watch shows about everyday life. This means that now is the time for a show that dives deep in radio station life. What silly things is DJ Dirty Snowball saying this week? What adventures will the brand manager go on this week? What zany things will happen if the university president comes for a surprise visit?

Those are my potentially award winning ideas for new Netflix shows. If you have any more, feel free to share them or trademark them for later use. Until then, don’t forget to tune into my show Monday at 9PM as I discuss the true story of the Loch Ness Monster.

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