Something Different: V Squared

Once again, one of my compatriots has dived into the abyss that is the CD library, and once more, they came back with something I never thought I’d see. This time around, it was Shaggy Sean who did the honors, and what he brought back is…difficult to describe.

The band is called V2, pronounced V Squared, because its two members are named Vittorio and Vincenzo, which are admittedly awesome names. Their whole selling point is that, at the time of recording their first album, they were eleven years old. The two young rockers got together via a talent show in their cub scout troupe when they were eight, and performed their first actual show at Rock Star University’s (apparently, a real place) House of Rock, where they played a mix of original songs and AC/DC covers.

They continued to play at Rock Star University until, one day, a producer by the name of Ron Nevision stopped by, and, after hearing them play, offered to produce their first studio album, called We Are V2. This was exciting, because, Nevision had apparently produced for Led Zeppelin, The Who, Bad Company, and plenty others over the course of his 40+ year career. This album won them seven categories in the LA Music Awards, a fact which their team wasted no time sticking on every single bit of marketing for them.

Since then, according to their website, they’ve apparently been making a ridiculous amount of buzz on the LA music scene, a fact I find surprising, as I’ve never heard of them in my life. Their music is actually pretty solid, too. I mean, not international superstar stellar, but definitely above and beyond the quality I’d expect out of 11-year-olds. Their sound is solid, with some decent guitar work, and the whole production is much cleaner than I’d have anticipated. Sure they sing like 11-year-olds, but there’s a really good reason for that.

Tune in next Thursday from 8-9 PM for another musical shot in the dark, on Something Different!

Image by Rune Torgersen


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