Joanne: Fabulous or Forgettable?

I'm a self proclaimed little monster, that is to say, I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga. So of course when I learned of a new album I was beyond excited. The last solo album she released, "Art Pop" was in 2013, my freshman year here at CWU, so now in my senior year the inner hopeless romantic in me thinks it's rather poetic that "Joanne" is being released this year.

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"Art Pop" was a problematic album for Gaga. She expressed feeling betrayed by members of her inner circle, and admitted to crippling depression that plagued her later in 2013. "Art Pop" wasn't her album, it was others' vision of her album.

That was another reason I was so excited for "Joanne," because as more and more details came out about the album, the more it became clear that this was her album.

I remember the night that "Perfect Illusion" was released. I was laying in bed, curled up scrolling through Facebook when I saw it, scrambled for my headphones, and pressed play.

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Now, being completely honest I had consumed a few drinks that night, but never the less I was in awe. It was all the Gaga Glory I'd ever wanted. And being I was still dealing with a breakup at the time it really resonated with me.

Fast forward to the next morning. I was listening to "Perfect Illusion" on my way to work and I was obsessed. But with a clear head, I could tell where others thought it fell short. Perhaps it is too repetitive, and out of her range. But, I said it them, and I'll say it now, I love it.

Gaga. Is. Back.

Knowing I would want to cherish this album for ages to come I quickly pre-ordered the vinyl, because I'm a classy lady. Now I have not received the physical album yet, but, I did get the deluxe digital download with my purchase.

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I immediately listened to the entire thing as soon as I received the link to the download. So first of all let me just say, I think it's amazing. but take that with a grain of salt of course because I love her so much.

To me it's the perfect mix. Her gorgeous ballads, powerful voice, dance hall anthems, fast, slow, emotional, fun. This album is Gaga. Do I think this album is her absolute best? Not in it's entirety. Is it better than "Art Pop?" By far!

I honestly think that if two tracks, "Dancin' in Circles" and "Sinner's Prayer," were omitted from this album, it would be perfect. I will stand by my opinion that "Born This Way" is her best album.

All together this album is one that should command respect. From the fun up beat "A-YO," "John Wayne" and "Grigio Girls," to the gorgeous ballads in "Joanne," "Angel down," and we cannot leave out the impeccable duet "Hey Girl" with Florence Welch.

There's something so Beatles-esque about "Come To Mama" I imagine Lennon is proud. (See what I did there?)

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This album deserves your time and attention. I'm not saying you have to love it, or even like it, but it deserves your attention. listen to it, like you mean it.

You can feel her in her music. Her talent is indisputable, the music in this album pulls you in, so let it.

Gaga, my queen. you're back. I've missed you.

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