Ladies and gents, American people, the time has finally come. The ticket giveaway is about to be a go in T-minus two hours. Unless you've been living under a rock without a radio, you'll know that I, DJ Sharkbait, am honored to be giving away free tickets to Mac Miller for his concert on November 4th. But if you are not familiar with Mac Miller, why should you care? Rhetorical question, everyone knows who Mac Miller is. But for the sake of the question, Mac Miller is known for giving stellar performance due to his unique swagger and interaction with the audience. Indie hip hop artists, or at least well established ones like Mac, sort of have a knack with performing a live set in front of thousands of people. When Mac was in the adolecence of his career, major labels ruled the world of hip hop. In order to compete, indie labels need their artists to hit the road, put on a great show, and spread thier sound because big name promotion was not on their side. Fast forward to 2016, the same traditions are kept but the indie-major playing field is a lot more even. Mac Miller has not lost his spark, though, despite the fact he is a household name. From the coreography to the crowd interaction, Mac Miller has his stage game perfected down to a tee. And when performing his hit "Donald Trump" Mac likes to bring the song about by saying, "whatever you do, don't vote for this 'explitive.'" As buckwild as this concert is going to be it is equally as easy to get these tickets. All you have to do is listen to my show, Apex Hour, which airs 7-8 tonight and every week night, and call in to the radio station. The 3rd lucky caller gets free tickets to go see the independent king live on November the 4th in Seattle. You are most likely a college student, you could use the free stuff. And who knows, maybe if your professor is cool enough and has a good enough taste in music you'd get extra credit for going to such a historic concert. But do not quote me on that, I am a DJ, not a miracle worker. So tune in tonight because not only are we playing the latest and greatest in mainstream and underground hip hop, we are giving away golden tickets, Charlie and the Chocolate factory style.

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