Around the Weird: Dissecting Jack the Ripper

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Solipsistic salutations denizens of the strange. We are entering the second week of Around the Weird in 80 Days, and I thought I would give you a double dose of the peculiar. It is Halloween. This means that we must examine #SpookyThings and become spooked ourselves. That is why I am talking about the notorious Jack the Ripper this week. So we must ask ourselves this question: who was Jack and why did he like to rip things?

An interesting note about Jack “The Gipper” the Ripper is that it is believed that his name was a hoax. In actuality, authorities referred to him as the Whitechapel Murderer or Leather Apron. Despite the legend surrounding the murderer, authorities have attributed only five murders to Jack. Mind you, these murders did have gruesome details associated with them. At one point, authorities received a letter in the mail that started with “from Hell” and contained a human kidney (as letters in the mail normally do). It is believed that the only murders associated with Jack occurred during the period from August to November of 1888. Future murders were associated with copycats, and the hubbub that stemmed from these murders made it difficult to identify the actual killer. Although police and scholars from the past and present have offered opinions on the identity, no one has presented a definitive answer.

No one likes ambiguity, though, which is why I want to present you with three possible options. What about Queen Victoria? Perhaps she had a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” thing going on that the royal family kept secret. Oscar Wilde could be another suspect. He existed at the right time. Much like in “The Picture of Dorian Gray," Wilde was maybe hiding a picture of himself as a murderer and looked at it! You also could consider Emperor Charlemagne. One might believe him not to be a suspect. However, I am sure your opinion will change when I tell you that Charlemagne could time travel. Scholars need to keep him in mind as a primary suspect.

I have other suspects in mind, but I will wait until Monday at 9PM to inform you of them. Until then, remember to heed the call of the weird. It is an important call.

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