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Greetings citizens of the weird and the strange. This week on Around the Weird in 80 Days, I will be talking about the Bermuda Triangle. In addition, I will be giving away a pair of tickets for Purity Ring to one lucky listener. Surely, you will want to tune into the show this Monday, 10/3, from 9PM to 10PM to score the tickets. However, before Monday, I have to answer one key question: what is Purity Ring?

I must admit that I was clueless about this band before doing my research. With a name like Purity Ring, I had a few guesses about what type of band they would be. I was surprised to find that these expectations were wrong. The band is actually an electronic music duo. Purity Ring consists of Canada natives Megan James on vocals and Corin Roddick doing instrumental work. The duo formed in 2010 and has released two albums. They released their first album, Shrines, in 2011 to favorable reviews. Their second album, Another Eternity, was released in 2015 and found similar success. Recently, late night hosts like Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Meyers have invited them to perform on their shows.

I suppose you are now wondering what their music sounds like. Critics have classified their music as electronic, dream pop, trip hop, or witch house (the last one being a genre I wasn’t aware existed). I did have a chance to listen to their music (while my captor locked me in the basement). The best words I could use to describe their music are dreamy and haunting. Their song “Begin Again” off Another Eternity best exemplifies this. The song is filled with soft-spoken lyrics and a calming, peculiar melody. Purity Ring enhances this strangeness in their music video for the song which shows a woman trying to escape some sort of cult that hopes to sacrifice her. This trend follows with most of their music videos. If you want to dive into the strange, I definitely would suggest checking them out.

Once again, if you like Purity Ring and hope to score a pair of tickets to their upcoming show, tune into my show on 88.1 The Burg Monday night (10/3) to find out how. Until then, remember to follow the sound of strange until it takes you where you desire to be.

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