In case you have been living under a rock for the past week, Pokémon Go was released for the United States. It has taken the U.S by storm and it is crazy to see. Everyone walking around outside who’s phones are out, are most likely playing the game. Whether they’re battling Gym Leaders, trying to catch a rare Pokémon, or even getting steps in to hatch an egg. Everyone is outside.

Now, most video games have a stigma about being bad for your health and being “nerdy”. This game, however, is something special. It forces people outside. Whether or not that’s just doing laps around the block, or going on a hike to see if rarer Pokémon are out there. The app still gets you to move and have some exercise. The game is bringing communities together by letting everyone pick teams and be competitive throughout this experience. It is non-violent and makes people want to play more. I have met plenty of new people while playing the game, talking about where to find certain Pokémon or who is running what gym. It is a social experience like no other.

Some things that the game needs, however, are more abilities to interact with your fellow players other than gym battles. I know the game is fresh and new and there are A LOT of bugs needed to be worked out, but I have some ideas that should be added. One, players should be able to trade. I know I would play the game way more than I already do if I could potentially trade Pokémon and figure out a system with my friends or even just have a friends list so I can see where my friends are and what they are doing. Two, I want more Pokémon. At least put all of the 151 original Pokémon in the game for now. Let us enjoy them all instead of 133 of them that are currently in the game. Finally, I want to be able to battle my fellow players. I feel like adding an ability to challenge other players to a battle will make people play more. There is no point in leveling up these high level Pokémon just to own a gym. I want to crush my enemies and friends because I have spent a ton of time in this game.

People will still get made fun of for playing the app, which is unfortunate, but my guess is that 70% people are playing it regardless. So the idea of it being “nerdy” or worth being made fun of from is such a small opinion it does not even matter. I know that people will continue to bully others, but, at the end of the day you have a CP level 1319 Nidoking and they don’t. So who really lost that one?

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