(LA Times) Shots fired at UCLA this morning. Two men were killed in what LAPD call a murder-suicide. The campus was placed on lockdown just after 10 am as police searched for the gunman, according to university press and the LA Times. The campus is now deemed “safe.”

(FOX) Signals from the black box of EgyptAir flight 804 were detected Wednesday, according to FOX News. The plane crashed in the Mediterranean Sea two weeks ago with 66 people on board. A French navy vessel detected signals in the search radius, which is now just three miles. EgyptAir official Shaker Kelada says the next step is to determine the location and extract the black boxes from the sea. David Learmount of Flightglobal says black box batteries can transmit signals up to 30 days after a crash. Small pieces of wreckage and human remains have surfaced, and Egyptian officials are DNA testing remains for identification.

(CNN) The death toll from airstrikes rises in Syria to 58 today. Two hospitals and a mosque were hit by unidentified attackers. An international correspondent at CNN says the city of Idlib is a target of Russia. On the other hand, “Syria is the most dangerous place in the world to be a doctor”, states Medics Under Fire, who say medical workers are systematically targeted by the Syrian government to weaken civilian areas not under its control. As of December, 57% of public hospitals were either partially functioning or closed down, and about 15,000 doctors have fled Syria, according to the World Health Organization, Medics Under Fire, and CNN.

(FOX) A girl delivered in New Jersey on Tuesday is the first in the United States with a Zika virus brain condition. The 31-year old mother contracted Zika in Honduras and was admitted to Hackensack University Medical Center for an emergency c-section delivery of the baby. Fox’s David Lee Miller says a blood sample had come back positive. The baby is defected with microcephaly, causing a partially formed brain, and intestinal and visual issues, according to FOX News. The Center for Disease Control advises pregnant women to avoid traveling to Zika-infected areas. No vaccine is available, but health officials recommend wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants and practicing mosquito control.

(CNN) Americans are warned about traveling to Europe this summer. The State Department issued an alert Tuesday about the risk of terrorist attacks. Events of concern include France’s European Soccer Championship on June 10th and the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day in Poland. The travel alert, which expires on August 31, follows increased worry after two large terrorist attacks in Europe, first in Paris and then two months ago in Brussels, Belgium. A French intelligence official told CNN recently that authorities don’t believe they’ve arrested all members of an extended cell behind the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels. The alert expires August 31st.

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