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The point of this blog is not to find the next big thing or to expose you to any life changing music. In an age where we can go and listen to anything at anytime on small computers that fit in the palm of our hand and the idea of hearing about new music from word of mouth seems to die a little more each day.

The point of this blog will be to discuss new and old music alike, whether it be obscure, new or even just new to me. I want to share music with you the way I would share it with my friends. Unlike other publications, I will not rate music, I just want to share some great music.

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This week I’d like to talk about a group named No Parents, This band is entirely satirical in the way they name and write their songs . On May 13th they released their second album, “Hey Grandma and The Greatest hits”. The album itself is 32-tracks and is the fastest 21 minutes of your life.

The band is made up of four members, Frontman Zoë Reign who is described on their Facebook page as “the only living member of the long extinct human subspecies, homo erectus”. Bassist, Killian LeDuke is described as being both “blessed and cursed by his possession of a rare Poon-Slayer’s Statuette”. Guitarist, Ryan McGuffin who according to their Facebook bio, “learned how to play his scintillating riffs from a group of hyperintelligent Fender-wielding crustaceans”. Then there’s Monty the drummer, who according to the band “is an alien”.

To avid punk fans such as myself, the album is very reminiscent of 80’s hardcore punk bands such as Minor Threat and Black Flag in the sense that the album is made up mostly of these quick sneering and snotty songs that end just as quick as they start.

Sonically the album is an ’80s hardcore album with the ’90’s snot-nosed brat aesthetic put forward by bands likeGreen Day, Blink 182, and The Offspring. The two sounds mesh very well and the end result is a very short and enjoyable album that talks about pressing issues such as Rehab, D*** -Pics, Luna Bars and even Bernie Sanders.

The album opens with the Punk equivalent to The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” in their song “Hey Grandma”. The song starts with a very dark and dredging piano line that would make even the most hardcore of Smiths fans feel depressed.

Then very much like The Stones, a choir joins in with the lyrics of ‘My grandma thinks I’m my dead uncle’. At the two minute mark the guitar kicks in and the song turns into a letter to his grandma about how well or not so well his life is going. It’s also important to note this is the only song on the album that is over a minute long.

The album hits you with a slew of humorous, bratty, punky goodness with stand tracks like “D** Pic Rampage”, “Bernie Got A Bong”, and “Wifi”. The album has a lot of songs that appeal towards millennials, yet at the same time it makes fun of the generation.

Like I said before, the album’s run-time is only 21-minutes and 32-tracks deep. This album cements No parents as the Tenacious-D of the punk world and anyone who wants to hear some kick-ass punk rock, should definitely check these guys out!


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