The Central Washington University Athletic Department has unveiled their new logo. While in the process they have worked closely with popularly known designer Joe Bosack and Co. who has also helped design the NCAA Final Four tournament along with many other notable collegiate logos such as Mississippi State and Boise State.

Over the past years the athletic department has changed their logo multiple times. In the past century the athletics program has unveiled three different logos all of which look almost exactly the same, except for the new front facing logo athletics plans on using.

When it came time to hire a new Assistant Athletic Director for External Affairs, Tyler Unsicker seemed to be the right choice after having done a similar task at previous institutions.

“Hopefully people start to recognize the logo and associate it with our athletics,” said Unsicker.

When deciding on changing the logo the athletic department went to look at other franchises and the evolution of their logos to show that this was a much needed change, a change that is supposed to be for the better.

The evolution of the Central logo has changed drastically since the first two logos have been introduced to the University.

When looking at the first two logos they are both front facing wildcats. The first, a sepia colored wildcat with a very defined jaw with a hat that says “CWU”, the second, a little different. It was still a front facing wildcat but looks like more of a bobcat. The wildcat head is in black and white and has black, red, and white stripes behind the cat. Ever since 2000, Central has revealed three separate logos. The first two look very similar to one another. The first is a more dated looking version of the current logo CWU as a whole is using on t-shirts and club designs. When the university unveiled the fourth logo in 2012 it didn’t look like much had changed besides the addition of a black backsplash on top of a white one.

With the front facing logo just revealed, athletics has added a new and slightly changed wildcat head. One that will be specific to the athletic department to use on all things athletics including new uniforms and other athletic merchandise.

We can expect to see changes in the upcoming months around Nicholson Pavilion and with Central athletics uniforms.

Images courtesy of Central Washington University.

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