(CNN) Debris, including seats and aircraft parts, as well as personal belongings and what some are describing as body parts have been found in the efforts to locate EgyptAir flight 804.

The Egyptian military says the parts which were found are roughly 180 miles north of the coastal city of Alexandria.

Egypt Aviation says a terror attack is likely.

The Burg’s own Sam James, an aviation student and a member of Air Force reserves says, no one has claimed responsibility yet, so it is unlikely it was a terrorist attack.

With a debris field being found already James believes the in-flight black box will be found within a week.

Experts will be able to determine if the plane entered the water in one piece when they find the four-corners, which is the plane’s nose cone, tail section and two wing-tips.

EgyptAir’s VP says the plane had been routinely serviced.

State Department Spokesman Joh Kirby says there is no way to tell if there was an explosion.

The plane was carrying over 50 passengers and 10 crew members when it left a Paris Airport late Wednesday night.

(NBC) The Center for Disease Control reports that 279 pregnant women in the US have been infected with the Zika virus.

157 of those women are in the US and DC. 122 are in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and other US territories.

The CDC says, fewer than a dozen have had an “adverse event,” such as a miscarriage or evidence that the fetus has a birth defect.

According to NBC, the numbers include women who have already given birth, those who have miscarried and those who may have had abortions because of birth defects.

As of now there is not enough data to determine if a woman infected with Zika will give birth to a baby with birth defects. Zika doesn’t cause symptoms in everyone who is infected by it.

Having the complete count of women infected is a critical piece of data for the CDC.

(Reuters) Oklahoma’s legislation has introduced a measure which calls for President Obama to be removed from office.

This is in response to the Obama administration to accommodate transgender students and which bathroom they use. Calling this move an overstepping of constitutional authority.

According to Reuters, the bill introduced on Thursday night could force schools into costly construction, which would be difficult for them to complete after lawmakers significantly cut education funding to plug a $1.3 billion state budget shortfall.

A different measure is also expected to be introduced to allow students in Oklahoma to claim religious rights to have separate, but equal, bathrooms.


The highest temperature in India’s history was recorded, 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

The previous temperature record in India was held by the city of Alwar, 123.1 Fahrenheit in 1956.

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