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The point of this blog is not to find the next big thing or to expose you to any life changing music. In an age where we can go and listen to anything at anytime on small computers that fit in the palm of our hand, the idea of hearing about new music from word of mouth seems to die a little more each day.

The point of this blog will be to discuss

new and old music alike, wheather it be obscure, new or even just new to me. I want to share music with you the way I would share it with my friends. Unlike other publications, I will not rate music, I just want to share some great music.

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The first artist I want to talk about is an artist named PEASANTBOYS from Tacoma Washington. They recently released the Ghost Town EP. which for their sound and music is a massive game changer. There seems to be a new rap collective coming out of the Two-Five-Three and it involves the groups ILLFIGHTYOU,:30 (Thirty), and PEASANTBOYS. With the sub knocking bass, swirling synths, and trap drums of producer tag-team KReamteam, these groups have developed a sound as dirty and gritty as the city they come from.

ILLFIGHTYOU and :30 are the hard gangsta-rap groups that spit stories of life on the street, tales of drug abuse and stories of lives in the inner cities of Tacoma. This is where PEASANTBOYS pave their own path, rather than depicting the street life they seem to depict the life of working-class kids from a low-income area striving to find a way to get more out of life. They find a way to talk about relatable issues that most kids from the ages of 19-27.

PEASANTBOYS are made up of twins, Jai (jay) and Jrm (germ). In 2012 they released a self-titled mix-tape with standouts like songs “Cooligans” and “Tacoma Knights.” This album was simple in execution and was reminiscent of the post-Kanye sample-based rap era of the time. It showed that the twins had a lot of raw potential and I was excited to see where they would grow from there.

Since then, they released a handful of songs, each one showing how socially aware they were of their place and the place of others their age in society. This summer they released a song called “HEADBANG”, which can be seen as the visual demarcation of PEASANTBOYS career. It was raw and gritty, intellectual yet a party jam. If I’m being honest I thought that it was a risk and I wasn’t sure if people would accept it, though it garnered nearly 28-thousand listens on Soundcloud.

The Ghost Town EP is a Game changer for PEASANTBOYS and they open up the EP with the song “SHOTS”, asking a question many of their fans have asked and emphatically answer it within the first forty-five seconds with the lyrics “What’s been poppin’ with the Miller twins?/Will they ever kill again?/… The Answer is F****n’ Yes!” From there, the song delivers a flurry of honest lyrics with dark undertones, lyrics such as “This is my journey/ I’m twenty-two and I’m stressed/and I’m sick of being depressed/ and I’m Sick of wasting my time.” This song serves two key purposes for this EP: it sets a sense of urgency that is a theme throughout the project and shows a refined use of a unique way of layering their voices that first appeared in their song “HEADBANG”. What makes it unique is that they layer their voice normally and then add another layer of one of the twins’, almost screaming out in the distance. The true appeal for me is how great they call out a lot of millennial stereotypes, yet at the same time they judge themselves for perpetuating many of the frustrations that a working class kid is experiencing in the world today.

The next Track off of the EP I’d like to talk about is titled “BANGERANG”; its a song that verges on almost an electronic song or party banger. While it is a party jam, the duo do something that is impressive and ingenious. They lift a hook from one of their past songs “Cooligans” and borrow the flow from “HEADBANG” sprinkle some electronic influences and some lyrics that are very sarcastically criticizing the party lifestyle and you have a song that will leave you singing along to the hook “F***K EVERYONE I DO WHAT I WANT!”. This song fits the theme of this album that is urgency, its almost like the PEASANTBOYS are making up for lost time and conveying to the audience that they are back and here to stay.

The final song I want to talk about is my favorite song “CHAMP” . This song has been on repeat in my headphones for the last 3 weeks and for good reason! This song fits the mind state of a lot of American youth. The lyrics “This ain’t the life that I’m destined/Really not I’m convinced/Havin’ nightmares of a s***y house with a white picket fence!/ A s****y job and a kid a wife that wont s*** my d*** !/At the same time life inspires me its making me sick/ see I just want to bee happy/ wait I just wanna’ be rich! Want it all, I want it all So homie thats what I get!”.

These lyrics are the mind set of how of a lot of millennials are feeling in the current position they hold in the world. All the while they continue to use that unique method of layering their vocals, before ending the song they mutter the lyrics “I’m trying my hardest to be content/ but I can’t shake the f****n’ feeling that you aint’ seen nothing yet” and I completely agree! If this is just an EP, I honestly cannot wait to hear a full album from the twins. For anyone interested in new Hip Hop you can get down to with a good message and great lyrics I highly suggest this EP.

Photos and video courtesy of Peasantboys


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