(FOX) One of the brothers charged with murdering an Arlington couple has turned himself in. Tony Reed, 49, surrendered to officials at the US-Mexico border patrol Monday night. His arrest in the San Diego County Jail has been confirmed by the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and FOX News. Reed is suspected of helping his brother, John, murder Patrick Shunn and Monique Patenaude, who went missing April 11th. The two stopped in Ellensburg to abandon a car and cash checks before feeling south towards Mexico. The whereabouts of John Reed are still unknown.

(FOX) 31 Olympic athletes are suspended for blood-doping, and they will not compete in Rio de Janeiro. The International Olympic Committee retested samples from Beijing in 2008 and expects to find more positive cases from London in 2012. They will not inform the public of the names, sports, and countries represented in these blood-doping findings. Investigation into the winter Olympics continues at the IOC asks the World Anti-Doping Agency to launch a full-fledged investigation into the drug-testing system for Sochi in the 2014 games.

(CNN) Health experts are figuring out how to control the Zika virus this summer. In Fort Myers, Florida, a fleet of 26 trucks, 11 helicopters, and four airplanes are prepared to eliminate mosquitos. Mosquito control is normally a patchwork of many separate authorities, according to CNN, but the fear is that the South American Zika virus can easily spread throughout the U.S. The Senate is considering three proposals today that would fund the war against the Zika Virus. We will update you as those decisions are made.

(FOX) Fire continues to rage through the northern Canadian town of Fort McMurray as 8,000 oil workers are ordered to evacuate. According to Suncor, a major oil operator, not damage has been reported on company grounds, and they are now starting an orderly shutdown of plant operations. Over 80,000 residents evacuated weeks ago and nearly 2,400 structures have burned down. Firefighters were able to save essential infrastructure in the city, including the hospital, water treatment plant, and the airport.

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