Every year, KCWU-FM 88.1 The ‘Burg host an annual battle-of-the-bands in Ellensburg, showcasing local artists with a battle-of-the-bands and hip-hop competition. A select group of individuals in our Burgstock committee had the hard task of cutting down 60+ submissions into just seven acts for the battle-of-the-bands concert and six hip-hop artists. This year, we are proud to be hosting another Burgstock with incredibly talented bands and artists. Here is our quick guide and itinerary to this years Burgstock 4!


Skyloc @ 2:00pm// Gage Edwards @ 2:17pm// Danny’s Dead @ 2:34pm// Ryme @ 2:51pm// D. Mikey @ 3:08pm// Caj Encee @ 3:25pm


Scarlet Parke @ 4:00pm// Robber’s Roost @ 4:40pm// Simple Gravity @ 5:20pm// Happy Heartbreak @ 6:40pm// CobraHawk @ 7:20pm// Dire Fire @ 8:00pm//Poon @ 8:40pm


Scarlet Parke: Soulful and funk singer-songwriter Scarlet Parke can easily be identified with similar talent to that of in infamous Adele or Amy Winehouse. The Port Orchard, WA native brings a soulful vibe to a pop song that will leave you Fallin’ for your beautiful melodies. New single out, “Fallin’” on Soundcloud and 88.1 airwaves!

Robber’s Roost: Upbeat, fast-pasted ‘Gypsy-jazz’ and Ragtime folk, hailing from Ellensburg, WA. Knee slapping and shucking and giving, Robber’s Roost brings the heart and soul of Central Washington’s folk scene.

Simple Gravity: Alternative/rock and pop group from Seattle, WA. The simplicity of music can be complex, but with the help of gravity, it keeps this trio stay grounded in their roots of making heartfelt, alt-pop music. @simplegravity

Blyss: Alternative/rock trio hailing originally from Vienna, Austria and now reside in Seattle, WA. Although their steady sound of guitars and melodic vocals carry the heartbeat of their sound, they have draw a lot of inspiration from Baroque artist, Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi. Stepping through the portal of classical musicians and into the darker, mysterious world of alternative-rock music is the trio, Blyss. @blyssband

Happy Heartbreak: From Seattle, WA and San Diego, CA, this emo-pop and indie-rock group puts a fresh sound to upbeat, sad songs. Comprised of Craig Suede, Allen de la Rosa, Alex Jacobelli and Jay Chu, ‘Heartbreak will put you in a happy mood even after a devastating breakup. @happyheartbreakmusic

CobraHawk: Ellensburg’s progressive-rock group may just put shame to Flyleaf with their ‘hell-yeah’ attitude and killer set execution. Cobrahawk is composed of Lakyn Bury, Nat Nickel, Andrew Burr, Liam McCoy and Devin Duncan. @CobraHawk

Dire Fire: Des Moines and Auburn, WA natives Caleb Kallander, Randy Campbell, Dakota Bown and Colton DeCarteret mish-mash alternative progressions and rock and roll guitar riffs to have you swaying to-and-fro to their hypnotic percussions. Prepare to rock out this Saturday to Dire Fire! @direfireband

Poon: Step aside KISS because Kirkland, WA’s native rock and roll quartet, POON is here to rock your socks off. Members, Lesley Quartermaine, Chet Stroker, Rick Boner, and Peter Cream have enough context in their stage names as their face makeup when it comes to rock and roll attitudes. Ending Burgstock 4 with a bang is the one and only, POON!

Located at the Iron Horse Brewery Production Facilities, 1621 Vantage Hwy/ Competition Results: 9:40pm/ Prize Winners Announced: 9:50pm/ 50% off on Rodeo City Taxi rides and enter to win Sasquatch AND Bumpershoot tickets at Burgstock 4 this year!

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