(FOX) A series of tornado storms are sweeping the Midwest. Two people were killed in Oklahoma Monday after multiple homes were destroyed. The National Weather Service reported a low-damage twister in Iowa and another near Omaha, Nebraska, with predictions elsewhere in Arkansas, Ohio, and Tennessee.

(CNN) Tonight’s presidential contests in West Virginia and Nebraska could turn things around for Bernie Sanders. While Clinton has nearly clenched enough delegates for the Democratic nomination, Sanders is expected to sweep West Virginia and Nebraska, which caucused in March. As for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, Republicans will decide whether to stand behind him. Both states qualify to cast protest votes against Donald Trump if they so choose. Antonio Dominguez will be in later in the program to tell you why.

(NBC) An Arkansas judge accused of swapping sex for reduced sentences resigned Monday after a state commission said it discovered thousands of photographs from his computer that depicted nude male defendants. In a letter to the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission, Cross County District Judge Joseph Boeckmann said that his resignation was effective immediately, and that he would never again seek a job as a local, county or state employee.

(Gizmodo) Facebook Trending is a feature that shows the hottest topics, issues, and events happening worldwide. Now, a supposed scandal is opening up as former employees testify that Facebook routinely suppressed stories of conservative issues. Michael Gunez reports Facebook operates like a traditional newsroom, with content skewed towards a political affiliation. The former curator, who has remained unnamed, says, “I believe it had a chilling effect on conservative news.”

(NBC) A Georgia fugitive’s 48 years on the run are over, federal law enforcement officials said. The U.S. Marshals Service said escapee Robert E. Stackowitz was arrested without incident in Connecticut on Monday. Stackowitz was serving a 17-year sentence for robbery by force when he escaped the infirmary at the Carroll County Prison Work Camp in Carrolton, Georgia, on Aug. 22, 1968, according to authorities. Investigators caught a break when they discovered a possible alias for Stackowitz. The alias led police to an address in Sherman, Connecticut.

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