As the 2016 season started not many people were sure as to if they should get their hopes for a successful season or if they should just expect the same outcome as every other season the M’s have had in the past decade. The Mariners don’t necessarily have the best track record when it comes to winning, but this year is a little different. The Seattle Mariners are currently sitting first in the American League West and third overall in the American League, something that hasn’t happened for the Mariners since May 5, 2009 and the next day the Mariners would start a losing streak that was no surprise to any Mariners fan.

So far this season the Mariners are only 3.5 game out of first place in the American League with only 31 games on the season so far. The 18-13 record is quite impressive so far and is giving fans a reason to break out all of their gear for game day. With a 6 series win streak and splitting this past series with the Astros the Mariners have the opportunity to continue to shock fans and build up that fan base they need as the summer starts.

Since Robinson Cano came out of his slump he has become the Mariners top hitter with a .305 batting average and already having 33 RBIs on the season. The only Mariner with more RBIs in the first 31 games was Griffey with 35 in the 1997 season. While Cano is seeing major success let’s not forget about the player everyone is surprised about, Dae-Ho Lee. Lee. who is not of the athletic build, is bringing a little bit of power to the plate with a .256 batting average and hitting two homeruns against Oakland just a week ago.

But I think the real surprises in all of the Mariners success is the little success Felix is bringing to the mound. Felix, who has only been on the mound for two wins this season has struggled through fighting the flu and now his shoulder. Although it is no wonder that his shoulder is more than likely coming to the end of its era after the amount of games and stress he has put on it over the years. However, it may be too early to tell if Felix and his shoulder are starting to wind down. He is not near the retirement age at 30 years old, but his body may say otherwise.

As long as the Mariners can continue to win series or at least two of the four games each series the Mariners have the chance to make it to the playoffs for the first time since 2001. It may be too early to tell how the Mariners will do this season and if/when they will let down their fans once again but this could be the season that the Mariners bring some much needed success to the organization.

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