(NBC) A U.S. serviceman has died in an ISIS attack Tuesday. Pentagon Press Secretary Pete Cook says the serviceman was assisting Kurdish forces in North Iraq when ISIS fighters invaded with truck bombs and blazing firearms. The U.S. responded with more than 20 airstrikes, according to NBC News. Today was the 3rd U.S. combat death in Iraq in the past seven months. The war in Iraq continues as Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the deployment of over 200 troops and Special Forces to the nation last month. When pressed on why the government isn’t being transparent about the war in Iraq, Carter agreed the country should know. He later states that securing the Iraqi forces is of importance to the United States.

(FOX) Tonight’s primary in Indiana will likely determine the GOP nomination. Trump and Cruz are both campaigning like madmen in the Hoosier state. Trump is already calling out Clinton. Cruz acknowledges it’s his last chance to stop frontrunner Trump from a full-fledged national victory, while using VP nomination Carly Fiorina to keep momentum going. The Democratic party’s Clinton and Sanders have lower stakes in this primary. Multiple sources report Clinton can mathematically win the nomination while losing every remaining contest.

(CNN) From tablets to touch-screen phones, the digital sensation is building a bad reputation. A new survey from Common Sense Media reports 50% of teens feel they are addicted to their mobile devices, and 27% of parents believe they are addicted as well. Internet addiction is considered a public health threat in other nations, but not yet recognized in the United States. Holland Haiis, a digital detox expert, says one way to try to curb an addiction to digital devices is to resist endless hours of surfing the Internet. You can read more on the survey at Common Sense Media dot org and

(CNN) The legendary wreckage of the famous British explorer James Cook may have been uncovered in the depths of the Pacific. The HMS Endeavor is one of the most famous ships in nautical history, according to CNN. An archaeology project in Rhode Island says the ship was used among 12 others in the 1778 Battle of Rhode Island, where it sunk in relatively shallow waters. Captain James Cook was the first recorded European contact with Australia and Hawaii, and his map of the Pacific is believed to have shaped our world map more than any other explorer in history.

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