“You gotta live out your dreams sometime and what better time to start then in college.”

Mandi Ringgenberg–AKA Hollyhock Jukebox on Indie Inspirations–wasn’t terribly sure about returning to Central, or college after her first year. Thanks to the constant positive feedback from good friend, Audiophilo Milo and suggestion to start volunteering at The ‘Burg, Ringgenberg came back to try it out and since then hasn’t thought twice about leaving the radio station. As a tribute to her great grandfather, Herald, aka “Holly”, she combined his nickname to what is now her on-air name, Hollyhock (like the flowers) Jukebox. Not only did the name stick, but the family atmosphere of The ‘Burg let her know it was the right decision to stay at the radio station.

“When I come into the radio station, it’s like this comforting blanket over you.”

Hollyhock is not only the host of Indie Inspirations, but an avid blogger for KCWU and host of PULSE Radio on Fridays from 1-2pm where she is privileged to exercise her interviewing skills by interviewing the writers from Pulse magazine. Thanks to The ‘Burg, Hollyhock has an outlet to not only express yourself through new and exciting indie music, but to get better at her interviewing skills she hopes to apply to her career in entertainment journalism.

With your help, you can continue to support people like Hollyhock to continue to live her dreams as an entertainment interviewer and on-air personality. Thank you to you listeners and Hollyhock Jukebox for sharing your constant passion and love for 88.1 The ‘Burg!

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