(CNN) 32 people were injured Monday morning after an Amtrak train derailed en route to Chicago. 29 of the 32 have already been released from the hospital. 5 of the 9 train cars came off the tracks. There are no reports of any life-threatening injuries.

(NBC) Two million residents of southern states in the U.S. are preparing for more flooding and hail after being pummeled for the past week by severe storms. One Texas town is beginning mandatory evacuation after being cut off from all other towns due to severe flooding on roadways. That town took on 18 inches of rain in five days. Many southern states are expected to experience tornadoes. At least six have been reported dead from the storms thus far.

(FOX) An affiliate of Al Qaeda killed 16 in Ivory Coast, a popular beach resort in the country of Côte d’Ivoire, which borders Liberia, Mali, and Ghana. 14 people were civilians and 2 were Special Forces soldiers, and none were American. Sunday’s attack is the third West African attack by Islamic militants against popular establishments frequented by Westerners since November.

(CNN) Russian president Vladmir Putin has ordered Russian forces to withdraw from Syria, claiming they have achieved their goals. The story is still developing.

(FOX) Breitbart, the conservative website, just lost a reporter and editor after allegations surfaced that Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbed Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields and pulled her down. This action comes on the heels of controversy regarding Trump rallies where protesters have caused Trump is cancel events lately. Fields and editor Ben Shapiro both resigned after feeling Breitbart was not taking the side of Fields and not doing anything to convey support for her. Lewandowski denies the claims while Fields admits she did not see who grabbed her. Washington Post reporter Ben Terris identified Lewandowski as the assailant.

(NBC) A man wielding a hatchet entered a Burien 7-11 convenience store Monday morning and attached a customer and the clerk. The 60-year old customer, however, drew his concealed pistol and shot and killed the attacker.

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-Tim Mitchell – Assistant News Director

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