In the beginning, before The Wailers, before Bob Marley was a superstar to the world, it all started with 3 individuals from Jamaica: Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer. They all came together and formed The Wailers and started creating music until they had their first hit in Jamaica titled “Simmer Down“. The rest is history.

I had the opportunity to see Bunny Wailer and his band The Solomonic Orchestra perform at the Roseland Theatre as part of the Soul’d Out music festival and he did not disappoint even after hitting the stage late. In an all white attire with his sunglasses, Bunny stepped on the stage, slowly and majestically while singing his song “Bald Head Jesus“. The crowd showed him love and you could feel the presence of a living legend in the building.

Being able to tour at the age of 69 is to defy age for the sake of unifying people through music that he helped shape. That itself is a humbling thought. Bunny Wailer ran through a lot of his classics while still leaving out some great songs off his set predominantly because his discography is very lengthy. Later on in the show he played some of the songs that he had recorded with The Wailers such as “Simmer Down”, and “I’m The Toughest” which was an assurance of the legend that we were witnessing before us.

Typically whenever artists perform songs live there is usually some sort of interlude or break between songs and then the show proceeds. This was not the case for Bunny Wailer & The Solomonic Orchestra as he was going through his catalog back to back and in some instances the transitions were so smooth that it was hard to tell that they had already transitioned into another song. It was only in the end that he did an intermission to play the last song of the night which was “Keep On Moving“.

Bunny Wailer & The Solominc Orchestra reminded fans that music-positive reggae music can truly put you in a trance and give you hope in a world that is filled with confusion. By the end of the night, the whole venue was filled with lots of positive energy thanks to The Rising Buffalo Tribe, Imarhan, and Bunny Wailer and The Solominic Orchestra.

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