Midnight Lights is one of those bands that just created itself. They are originally from our very own Ellensburg, WA and met at Central creating bonds that, little did they know, would last years and break many musical horizons. They are the type of artists that goof around with each other and through that off the wall nature they create music that is on one hand witty and spunky and on the other hand raw and sensitive. Sequestering their natural ability to jive with each other both, musically and communicatively, is next to impossible as these boys have a true sense of unity that comes from their close relationship with each other.

Together since 2013 singer Kasey Peterson, bassist Cole B. Ziegler (otherwise known as Ziggy), and drummer Jacob Gilman create musical sounds that are undeniably tasty. With their somewhat pop-punk/progressive/experimental post rock/soft core nature they effortlessly draw you in with their ever changing time signatures to their lyrics that are both smart and understanding. Without affiliating with a certain genre they have set themselves up for optimum creative room. They don’t have to stick to a certain set of rules yet they can create a strong fan following that propels them to write more amazing music.

“We don’t really fit into anywhere right now so Punk Rock,” said Peterson when asked to define their genre.

“We really just feel it and go with it,” Ziggy added.

Their EP released on Spotify on January 2, 2016 titled It’s Been a Year contains just five songs but these bad boys do not disappoint. Dogboy has a passion that Peterson clearly feels through to the very end of the song. Smell of Rain makes sweet and gentle love to your eardrums while still maintaining a very strong punky edge.

This band has turned this hard core indie/alt fan into a lover of the punk scene exposing this music buff to bands I didn’t even know existed. These are the kind of bands that you want to see stickaround. These are the kinds of bands that make you fall in love with music and make slaving away behind a keyboard at 10:33 P.M. while you still have homework for all your classes and you are inevitably facing an all-nighter worth it. They were a blast to interview and just as fun to listen to. They imbued in me an urge to go home and create more music of my own. These are the artists that push that inspire more music to be made.

With artists like Midnight Lights the future of the Punk scene has a bright future ahead of them.

Featured Photo: Via Midnight Lights Facebook, photographer unknown.

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