It’s always a question whether or not this will be the year for the Seattle Mariners… 2016 is no different. Under the new manager, Scott Servais, many are wondering, if this could this finally be the year the Mariners clench their first playoff berth in 15 years. The Mariners, who haven’t been to the playoffs since their loss to the New York Yankees in 2001, hold the longest playoff drought in MLB history and are in what seems to be a constant rebuilding stage of the program.

The Mariners, who lost their season opener to the Texas Rangers on Monday, are already off to a rocky start, but that doesn’t mean the fans have lost hope yet. With Mariner fans it seems to be a trend that they hold true to the blue until July where fans begin to start to losing hope. Until they find their faith in the program once again when the Mariners are in contention to get that wildcard spot towards the end of each season. With the devastating loss of the first game of the season, the Mariners had some making up to do Tuesday and that’s exactly what they did. Beating the Rangers 10-2 and coming back from behind in the third game of the series Wednesday, beating the Rangers and winning the series 9-5. Robinson Cano had a stand out series starting his season with four homeruns and multiple RBI’s. Other standout players this past week and lookout players for the season, were Kyle Seager, hitting a solo homerun and bringing in a few runners with multiple RBIs, and Nelson Cruz, hitting his first homerun of the season in game two of the series adding, on to the hefty win the Mariners brought home Tuesday.

As a Mariners fan, it can be difficult to stick around through all the changes, all the disappointment and of course, the inconsistent wins and losses throughout the season. After watching Felix walk two batters at the wrong time on Monday, it adds worry and fear to some fans as to if this year will be just like the past 15. But then all of the sudden games such as Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s happen and the Mariner’s playoff hopes are alive once again. As a Mariners fan, being true to the blue is a little more than attending games or watching them with friend, being true to the blue is sticking with the team even when they lose seven games in a row in the middle of July.

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