At just 19 years old, the Norwegian singer/songwriter recently released her EP, All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend, an album that questions her existence in a face-paced world. Aurora conjures emotions in her EP that is hard-pressed to find in popular music today. Her EP is a struggling war between right and wrong thoughts, adolescence and adulthood. Beyond her unique stage performance as a solo artists, Aurora is a brilliant songwriter that will have you glued to the speakers, attached to every word sung.

She once stated in an interview, writing for her is very much like taking a shower; it is extremely refreshing to put pen on paper and write out her emotions and feel them present on stage while performing. NPR’s, Bob Bolein recently described her Tiny Desk performance as awe-inspiring, watching the singer’s arms pluck and swirl through the air, ” each hand gesture accompanying each note, seemed like a discovery and an adventure for the singer.”

But don’t be mistaken with the handful of beautifully produced singles on the EP, such as “Running with the Wolves” or “Conqueror”–which undoubtedly have gained successful radio play–that she may just be another Top-40 knock-out artists. The remainder of the album takes you into an alternate cognitive state, remembering the simplicity of your youthful days as a child (“Through the Eyes of a Child”) to the darker mystery of the entire world at your fingertips.

Swimming in the deep end of thought-provoking lyrics is songs such as “Under the Water” and “Black Water Lilies”. Much like making a bad decision, “Under the Water” is a spiraling track of question and decision; “Under the water, under the water, and why do we jump in? Under the water, we die”, Aurora sings in the chorus. The song is a dark and ominous track, questioning how many people can fall to bad decisions and spiral out of control. But as one bad decision happens, the world still revolves.

In conjunction with the track, next on the album “Black Water Lilies” is the beautiful, but regrettable decision of the question: what if we jump into the water? What if we delve into our regrettable decisions and just enjoy the feeling? Much like a water lily, there is beauty that appeals to the eye on the surface, but below is mystery as the stems must reach to endless depths to touch the bottom.

The world is her inspiration and whatever happens in it, it reflects heavily in her writing. Not many artist will interpret the outside and inside world in their writing today. As troubling as the demons may be, Aurora greets them with welcoming arms because they are what she must face and ultimately what give her inspiration to write.

For a music-lover and young adults alike, All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend is a rich, emotional album that make you want to study and surround yourself with her lyrics and beautiful harmonies.

Aurora will be performing in Seattle, April 9th at The Crocodile.

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