A boy is looking to be served, a man looks to serve. Powerful words by Dondré Whitfield. This is Dating DO’s and DON’Ts for Dudes and fellas I was at a conference in Michigan this weekend for the Student African-American Brotherhood where Dondré and Halle Berry spoke. Yes, the Halle Berry. They had some powerful words for you dudes, so listen up.

For those who don’t know Mr. Whitfield, he got his start in The Cosby Show and All My Children. He currently stars in the Oprah Winfrey Network show Queen Sugar.And he said…

31. DO Separate your way of being, your attitude, the way you carry yourself when you are around your co-workers, your boys, your anything, versus how you carry yourself when you are around your woman. You have to be a servant to your woman.

Halley Berry spoke next at the conference and she said her three divorces stem from one major commonality between the three “men,” they were boys. So…

31. DON’T be a boy. Step up and take care of your woman. And listen to Halle Berry.

Shazam! That does it dudes. Follow these simple tips and I promise your lady is going to view you as a man worth her time. And isn’t that what we want?

Same time, same spot next week. Mondays 720pm on The Garage and right here on 88.1 The Burg’s blog. Until then….stay Dastardly dudes!

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