Spring training, the long awaited season by many Mariners super fans. It’s like pre-season to those of you NFL fans. You know, the games don’t officially count, but it’s nice to see the players for the first time in months? It’s been 6 months since the Mariners have walked onto the grass for a crowd. At spring training, it’s a totally different crowd than one that would show up to the well loved Safeco field.

In Peoria, you see many different fans that make the environment incomparable to the ones you would see in the rainy city.

You have the super fans and then the group of middle aged adults with beers in their hands decked out from head to toe in their teams gear singing and chatting at every play. They know every players name as if they knew the player personally.

You have the multi-generational fans, the great grandmother, the grandmother, the daughter, the daughters-daughter and you even have some aunts and uncles thrown in there all sitting on one blanket in the lawn enjoying something they can all love and share together: baseball.

You have the father and son day trip. You see the dad and his son tossing the baseball waiting for the game to start, the boys hat is two sizes too big for his head but he’s having fun. The dad has the biggest smile on his face because he’s remembering his first game with his dad. Something he knows his son will pass down himself.

You have the lady fans. You have the group of women with beers in their hands wearing the cutest outfits known to fans around (quick shout out to the lady with the sparkly mariners hat, LOVED it) they sit together and chat about who’s the cutest, but who also has the best batting average. They love the game as much as they love their wine nights.

You have the out-of-towners, who I like to call the die-hards. You see the fans who have driven hours, or shelled out the money to fly to another state to see and experience an away game played by their favorite team. They wanted to support men who have brought them so much happiness by doing something so simple as going to an away game, and cheering them on (even if their the only fan in the stands cheering). But a small tip for you out-of-towners: Wear sunscreen.

You have the out of state fans. You have the fans that live in Arizona, but are Mariners fans, so this is the only time of year they get to see their boys play in person. They have the gear, they are front row with their mitts ready. They are cheering, dancing and singing along to the national anthem. They are excited like a school boy who just got a kiss from the girl he has a crush on. This month, is the only month they have to see their team, play in their town.

Now, mix this all together and you have Mariners spring training. No matter what kind of fan you are, there is one thing we all agree on: Baseball season is here, and we’re excited.

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