To the faithful fans of the NFL the off-season is a long period of football-less Sundays that don’t give them a lot to look forward to. There is one event that keeps these fans hopeful and excited through this dark period of the year. I am talking about the NFL Draft. Where any bottom tier team can turn their franchise around with one big time draft pick. This sounds a lot easier said than done though. There is no perfect science to picking a NFL prospect no matter how many test these prospects get ran through prior to the Draft. Every year we see teams at the bottom of the league getting the chance to pick first searching for that franchise player to build a championship team around. But more likely than not we see the infamous draft bust’s. Draft busts are refereed to when a team drafts the player and the player does not preform to the expectations of the team.

An example of a draft bust we can take a look at my hometown team the Seattle Seahawks. Their biggest draft bust came in the 1987 Draft by selecting Brian Bosworth. Bosworth played at The University of Oklahoma and might be better known as “The Boz”. The Boz signed a 10 year $11-million-dollar contract which at the time was the biggest in franchise history. Despite the high draft picked used on him and the huge pay day Brain did not pan out and only last 3 years with the Seahawks.

A modern day example of this taking place is Vince Young. Young played for the Texas Longhorns in his college days and was getting ready to enter the 2006 NFL Draft coming off one of the best College football performances in the modern day. In Young’s last game as a Longhorn he took down the infamous SC Trojans whose team was built around Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart. With this game topping off Vince’s great college career he was an obvious top pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. With the number 3 pick in the draft the Tennessee Titans selected Vince Young. Young signed to the Titans for $58 million dollars over six seasons with the Titans. Vince only lasted 5 of those 6 years in Tennessee and went 30-17, as well as leading his team to two lower round playoff games where they lost. For a guy that was supposed to get the organization back to where they use to be in their hay-days of Super bowls with Eddie George and Steve McNair…he came up very short.

We see experts every single year guarantee the top picks to be able to turn these lower teams in the league around. But the past shows us you can never know who will be able to handle stardom and millions of dollars at the age of 23. No 40-yard dash, vertical jump, or football IQ test can measure these athlete’s hearts. Heart is the only thing that will be able to keep these athletes motivated through all of the ups and downs of the professional football league. Having heart is what it takes to stay hunger in the business of football.

So I ask, who will be the next top NFL Draft pick that they say cannot be passed up but comes up short when it comes to expectations of people of the NFL city and teams?

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