Spring break is right around the corner dudes! This can mean one of two things, either you and your dudette make it through the school break which is the most notorious for cheating… or you don’t. Have no fear, Dirk is here to tell you how to make sure the latter doesn’t happen.

30. DO be sure you keep in contact with your girlie if you two are spending spring break apart. This means millennials you have to do the dreaded phone call! Snapchat and text will not suffice, even if you really want them too. Trust me when I tell you your woman is will love hearing your voice and this gives y’all the opportunity to catch up on how each others’ days were.

30. DON’T make the mistake of getting to drunk or under the influence of some other substance and cheating or overly flirting with some beauty. This is a sure fire way to end the relationship. Even if she doesn’t know 100% women have about twenty extra senses and she will know something is up. And she’ll probably know because you’ll be acting differently. Cheating changes a man and is never the recommended road to travel down.

Shazam! That does it dudes. Follow these simple tips and I promise your lady is going to view you as a man worth her time. And isn’t that what we want?

Same time, same spot next week. Mondays 720pm on The Garage and right here on 88.1 The Burg’s blog. Until then….stay Dastardly dudes!

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