High-wasted bell-bottoms and men with long flowing hair was the fashion trend during the disco era.

On this day in history and for our #throwbackthursday, we commemorate the memory and career of singer and brother to the Bee Gees trio, Andy Gibb, an originator of the iconic style and sounds of the ’70s.

Sometimes we mistake Andy Gibb’s sweet, falsetto vocals and “Haaa Haaa Haa”s for Barry Gibb, the lead vocalist of The Bee Gees. But Andy has just as a recognizable career as his three brothers did.

Andy Gibb can be best remembered for his much extremely successful song, ” I Just Want To Be Your” Everything”, which reached No. 1 in the U.S. in 1976. He music embodied the tone and flow of the disco/retro era in musical history. Tragically, Gibb died on March 10th, 1988 due to myocarditis, an inflamation in the heart that was heavily affected by his cocaine drug addiction.

Although this #TBT is a sad and bittersweet one, we will always have Gibb’s music and theater career to remember. His voice still rings in the back of my mind as a strong presence in my childhood memories, listening to my father try and reach the high notes of Gibb. For me, Andy Gibb not only embodied talent and stardom, but nostalgic memories of the unforgettable era of disco.

Here’s to you Andy!

#TBT #881TheBurg

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