With already over a decade in the music industry, indie rock band Ra Ra Riot is proving that they still know how to keep the vibes young and fun. Their most recent album, Need Your Light, delivers some of the catchiest songs of any of their past records. Wes Miles (vocalist), Milo Bonacci (guitarist), Rebecca Zeller (violinist), and Kenny Bernard (drummer) all come together on this album ready to put on the craziest dance-pop party.

Fans who have followed the band since their humble beginnings out of Syracuse University may be disappointed with this album as it steers away from their distinct indie sound. However, the band has grown tremendously in the time since and has moved on to creating music with a pop vibe you can lose yourself in. The collection of dance tunes gives the band plenty of energetic material to perform on their tour this spring.

From the bright pastel colors used for the artwork on the cover of the album to songs like “Water” and “Unbelievers”, it’s clear that Ra Ra Riot wanted to give fans something that was laid-back, light, and an overall good time. Whether you’re planning on throwing a Spring Break kickback or just want to dance in your room, Need Your Light is your go to dance party album of the summer.

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