Here’s a secret dude, most of this advice is based on my own personal experience. And this week I’m talking vacations, because soon I’ll be on one myself with my better half.

28. DO pick a spot you both will enjoy. Vacations are the perfect opportunity to get out there and do some sort of activity you and her would not normally have the opportunity to do. So be sure you two plan something in that regard. Nothing is worse than coming back from vacation and not having any stories to tell. But prepare yourself dude because a solo vacation of just you two is going to mean a whole heck of a lot of time together so make sure you know how to handle that delicate situation.

There’s lots of don’ts for this week.

28. DON’T be a complete moron and find yourself flirting with some native hottie at your vacation destination. Major dumb move dude. Don’t cause an argument over something little, remember you are not home and you can’t run away if that’s how you handle your fights, you're stuck, usually in a hotel room or surrounding area. Don’t forget to plan at least one romantic evening. You are in some exotic location after all, or if you’re like me you see Alaska as the perfect vacation spot. But, alas my girlie is not on the same page as me for that one, so she won, we get the Bahamas this summer. And last but certainly not least is don’t be the guy who likes to hang out in his hotel room on vacation, get out there dude! Otherwise she’s going to be the one out there flirting with a native hottie, and you know what that means you didn’t educate her on Dirk Dastardly’s Dating DO’s & DON’Ts for Dudes, because it may say dudes but it is pretty universal for all sexes.

Shazam! That does it dudes. Follow these simple tips and I promise your lady is going to view you as a man worth her time. And isn’t that what we want?

Same time, same spot next week. Mondays 720pm on The Garage and right here on 88.1 The Burg’s blog. Until then….stay Dastardly dudes!

Featured Image Courtesy Of: Global Jet, “Mykonos; unknown couple,” https://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/by-2.0/

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