(FOX) After losing the first a Republican primary in Iowa to Texas senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump has won three in a row, taking New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada on Tuesday night. It was a margin of victory in Nevada for Trump as he took over 40% of the votes with a close second place race between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both finishing in the middle of the 20th percentile. Much further behind were John Kasich and Ben Caraon, both of which have shown no signs of dropping out. Super Tuesday, a day of primaries in more than a dozen states, is next week on March 1st.

(CNN) Fidel Castro lost his older brother Tuesday. Ramon Castro was 91-years old and was a farmer. Even though Ramon supported Fidel’s government takeover and implementation of Communism in 1959, he did not have an active role. Instead, Ramin served as an Agricultural Official. His politics were simple compared to his brothers Fidel and Raul, but he was described as a Cuban-style redneck by Washington Post reporter Sally Quinn, who interviewed him in 1977.

(NBC) A Kentucky man is hospitalized with second-degree burns after a battery in his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. The video shows a big firecracker-like explosion in the man’s pocket. If you use e-cigarettes, be sure to check your battery for corrosion and talk to your local distributor about replacing your device.

(CNN) Marlin Stivani Nirvarlain, a 16-year old Swedish girl, was misled by her boyfriend who had begun to view ISIS and convinced her to move to Mosul, which is Iraq’s second-largest city. After living with no electricity or running water, Marlin was able to get ahold of a phone and contact her mother, who was then able to aide her by contacting authorities. Kurdish Special Forces rescued Marlin and she is currently on her way home.

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