In the esports world the teams are sponsored by various companies. The companies are computer gaming companies like Logitech and Roccat. Which makes sense that gaming companies sponsor esports teams. But, companies like Red Bull are starting to sponsor teams and individual players, which is a great thing for the sport but it makes me think about the future.

It shouldn’t just be gaming companies supporting these players. I want to see companies like Nike and Adidas support this trend. They would truly revolutionize the esports environment. Could you imagine shirts that say things like “Shotcalls like Hai” or “Carries like Huni”. I just think that esports are so underrated and they have such a huge audience, why not dive into it? Nike has been on the forefront of most sports, why not esports?

It doesn’t have to be about the computers almost all esports teams wear uniforms, Nike could make them. I just want to see the world of esports grow. However, I don’t know if I like the idea of individual players getting sponsored on their own. I think that those players would gain an ego about themselves and kind of ruin their reputation amongst the esports ranks. It would lead to legal trouble and people wanting more and more money or sponsors, it would just be too much for the esports world. The esports environment hasn’t been about gaining sponsors but about gaining a reputation of the sport itself.

Once the popularity rises, that’s when sponsorship comes into play. It should be about team sponsors if any, not the players individually. But I fully understand that players need to get paid, you see that all the time with professional athletes. Another thing I want to see is commercials about esports. Advertising the games that they play and any tournaments that are major and going on. The World Championship in League of Legends is a huge event but you would have no idea unless you were a part of the community. All in all, I want to see the esports world gain popularity and become more known than it ever has.

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