(CNN) The discovery of gravitational waves was made by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory system, or LIGO, which was described as a cosmic microphone that is capable of detecting the tiniest vibrations from the waves. Gravitational waves were predicted by Einstein in his general theory of relativity in 1915. The waves were detected by the colliding of two black holes that occurred over one billion years ago, and the waves have been travelling all this time to Earth. Executive Director of LIGO David Reitze said that one black hole had the mass of 29 suns, while the other was the equivalent of 36 suns. Each were supposedly 90 miles in diameter.

(NBC) After being surrounded by FBI agents overnight, the four remaining occupiers in the Oregon militia standoff are expected to turn themselves in Thursday. Leader of the movement, Ammon Bundy was arrested last month by FBI officials who also killed one militia member during a highway stop. Ammon Bundy’s lawyer had a statement from Ammon asking the remaining occupiers to go home. 74-year old Cliven Bundy, the father of Ammon and his brother Ryan, was arrested and taken into federal custody on Wednesday as the standoff at the refuge unfolded.

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