About halfway through the Super Bowl on Sunday tweets and rumors of Marshawn Lynch began to circulate the internet about his retirement after he sent a tweet out with his bright green football cleats hanging on powerlines with the peace sign emoji. The tweet was sent out Sunday night at 6:45PM, right after SportsCenter tweeted about it and there began the overflow of emotional tweets from his teammates regarding his retirement. Two tweets in particular caught the eye of thousands, one tweet by none other than Richard Sherman. Sherman tweeted “Salute to my guy @MoneyLynch … it was an honor sharing the field with you.” Receiving over 22K retweets by Seahawk and football fans worldwide. Another heartfelt and touching tweet that caught the eye of well over 25K people on Twitter was by the man himself, Russell Wilson tweeting, “Honor playing with one of the best running backs of all time! Going to miss sharing the backfield with you 24… #BeastMode @MoneyLynch.”

If this is it for Marshawn Lynch, which it sounds like it is, Lynch will finish his career with well over 2,100 rushing yards and 84 touchdowns in the NFL alone. Lynch will also be leaving the league with a Super Bowl ring and a legacy that will last for a very long time. Seahawk fans are both happy and sad with the announcement of his retirement this past weekend. In what very well could have and probably will be Lynch’s last football game he only had 20 rushing yards and 15 receiving yards after finally returning after a mid-season surgery. After such a short season with lynch this past year Seahawk fans wanted to be able to watch Beast Mode go beast mode one last time.

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