Meet Shiver Twins; the new guys in Seattle’s music scene. Originally from Juneau, Alaska, Shiver Twins felt more in touch sonically with the sound of the Pacific Northwest. So Eric, James, Lance and Cole decided to pack their bags and take a voyage to the Evergreen State.

Shiver Twins just released their deluxe EP 19 Again. Although this should be a full-length, this is my favorite EP from 2015. 19 Again is a power chord warehouse blending power, garage, and surf-punk influences. Shiver Twins a robust, boisterous bottlerocket filled with the type of dreary angst that your parents would be worried about.

Shiver Twins live performance was a spectacle nonetheless. Erik, the frontman of Shiver Twins, embodies a spirit much like Nathan Williams from Wavves. Hair in face, moving his body not his feet, and strumming his Fender likeThe Ramones.

The production on this EP is phenomenal. 19 Again feels like Nirvana’s Bleach dipped into the waters of San Diego where you can find Wavves. It’s dirty, it’s angry, but lyrics are relevant in today’s society by teaching lessons of self awareness.

Shiver Twins gave a tight set that sounded nearly identical to their studio recordings. I’m impressed by the chemistry and intuition of the members of the band.

In other words, I love this band. You should too. I also got to interview James from the band. Check it out!

-Tanner Chambers

Associate Music Director


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