Cameron Ford (AKA Downtown Danny D)

When thinking about the big game, there are plenty of reasons to get excited, whether it be for your favorite team playing, an excuse to imbibe everything that is bad for you, or quality time with your loved ones. If you need a reason to calm down, just remember that Coldplay is playing the halftime show. As a viewer, I find it really hard to stir even an ounce of excitement at the idea of Coldplay performing at halftime, even with Beyonce as their counterpart. David Bowie wouldn’t even collaborate with these guys, I feel doubly sorry for Beyonce. What’s she even going to do?

Gage McHenry

Coldplay is not really all that relevant. The NFL is appealing to a lot of different demographics, however that doesn’t mean you should match up Coldplay and Beyonce. I think the halftime show should be Beyonce every year because who doesn’t like Beyonce.

Angelica Bartorelli (AKA Medusa)

Since the announcement came out about Coldplay’s Half-Time performance, I have been very caught in the middle. When I first heard the news, I was just as irritated as the next person. Doesn’t help I was in a room full other creative music-minds, so of course opinions were blatant. I feel as though they were not a relevant or marketable choice for such an idolized event. This may sound biased, but bands that have remained relevant and timeless include: Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam- to name a few potentially willing participants. They have this “arena-rock” edge (and I say this because of many of their performances, specificially Pearl Jam’s 1992 set at Pink Pop, it’s a damn good show) that can get a whole crowd up and engaged. Those are the kind of memorable performances that should be seen in the big game.

The other part of me, after hearing one of Coldplay’s latest tracks finds that it’s possible to enjoy the show nonetheless, even if there is a greater preference for a more lively band. The groups use of lighting and LED walls in other concerts makes for a good, tasteful spectacle for all to enjoy.

It’s a matter of experience versus aesthetic for me.

Soma Lambert (AKA Sweet Dolla Soma)

The halftime show has always been about getting hyped for one artist, and seeing what they will do differently to make it better than last year’s performance. Example: Katy perry riding a tiger, Bruno Mars bringing out the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or the Beyonce and Destiny’s Child reunion. When they announced that Coldplay was the “performer” this year, everyone was pissed so they threw in Beyoncé because she killed it 3 years ago. Seems like a desperate move so we will have to see if it works out for them. I’m not a fan though, I probably won’t even watch.

Russell Widner (AKA Bumper Jumper)

I’m just going to come out and say it: Coldplay has no business playing a half time show. My big issue isn’t the band’s talent, but their music’s energy. Coldplay is something you listen to while trying to sleep, not something you listen to in between halves at the biggest sporting event in the United States. While I realize this is most likely an attempt by the band or their manager to promote their latest album, it still doesn’t make them any more energetic. When your high energy song is “Sky Full of Stars” you are going to bring the entire stadium down. The half time show needs to be energetic, something to get the fans a second burst of energy for the second half of the game, and Coldplay simply doesn’t do that. I foresee this show going down as one of the WORST half time shows in recent memory. This is not me calling for rock and metal acts to play halftime, I know that the act has to be accessible to the entire United States, but there are plenty of high energy musicians that would fit the bill better.

Tanner Chambers (AKA Tanner the Intern)

To celebrate 50 years of a now American pastime is Coldplay. Is this real life? Or is this just fantasy? Originally I thought Coldplay playing the half-time show was just a hoax, but I am extremely disappointed that the band that wrote “Fix You” is playing halftime on the biggest stage. Coldplay released their new album “A Head Full Of Dreams” last year and despite being the laughing stock of the music industry, “A Head Full Of Dreams” does represent certain factors into the sound of 2016 blending 80’s style synthesizers with simplistic pop songwriting. Trust me, despite the easy approach to Coldplay’s new record I hate Coldplay compared to any other music lover out there. This game is not just a representation of celebrating 50 years of the NFL. This is a pivotal game that should have a band that the general public respects and admires much more than Coldplay. (I thought it should have been the Foo Fighters, but hey, I love Dave Grohl). Coldplay’s attempt at synthesizers make sense to capture 2016’s sound, but Coldplay is a joke and not a representation of the American people.

Marissa Anthony

I think it will be very interesting to see how they do it with Coldplay and Beyonce. Maybe they will surprise us and it will be better than we expect? Doubtful… But it will be interesting. I do think this is the wrong year to do it as it is the 50th year of this important game. Every year, the halftime act seems to have some kind of surprise and it will be cool to see how this plays out.

Patrick John

Ever since Janet had a wardrobe malfunction the halftime content has been excessively flat on purpose. Coldplay is tears in your beers music and there is no place for sadness or even true emotion in the fantasy world that is sport. Anything short of unbridled zeile for your team delivered in constant, aggressive doses will create distrust among your fellow sports fans and the tribe will quickly turn on you. The only recourse from this agenda of constant pep is the sexuality of the cheerleaders and perhaps a moment of advertising genius based on the seven million dollar per minute price tag. High energy is what halftime needs and Coldplay is not up to it. There is no safe harbor for pikers while surrounded by seats available at a minimum of $2000. Even a song about a party is a whiny lament of social distance when Coldplay is at the controls. There is no room for this in the bigger, faster, better world of the big game and James Brown is the bar for performance energy required. Perhaps a Beyonce performance as sexy as her past nba all-star game gig would do the trick, but she was recently solo then and anxious to prove herself. It’s doubtful success hasn’t dulled her fire and if she has to listen to Coldplay she’ll probably sing a sad song too because that’s the mood that will linger. Maybe Missy Elliott and Nelly will come save halftime and DMX will smash Coldplay’s keyboard. If not Google “Puppy Bowl” because there is no reason to keep your TV tuned in to Coldplay.

Jeff MacMillan (AKA Sexy Jeff)

I am more excited for the national anthem than the halftime show. Lady Gaga has huge shoes to fill. The biggest of which were created when just days after going to war in the Middle East she stood out there and made America proud. I hope Gaga can do something similar. She will have many people who will try to bring her work down, but I will judge her by the quality of her performance.

Matt Morse (AKA Dirk Dastardly)

I think the contrast between Coldplay and Beyonce paired with the high intensity of Bruno Mars will pair nicely. While I find it a bit disappointing the committee is recycling such recent acts as Mars and Beyonce it certainly is a testament to the success those halftime shows had. People seem to think Coldplay isn’t loud enough or crazy enough, but that isn’t required when you have the other two. Coldplay is there to balance the teeter toter. And have we forgot of the totally catchy ‘Clocks’ or ‘Speed of Sound,’ these are among a couple of my favorite tracks by them. (I even learned ‘Clocks’ when I was first playing drums.) Chris Martin and Co. will certainly be different than Bruno and Beyonce but they are all fantastic musicians/performers who I’m certain will bring the entertainment value to the screen.

Wyatt Simmons

Here are my two cents on Coldplay being the halftime performance. I think they can have quite the performance and shock a lot of people. As long as they are not like are not like the Black Eyed Peas, I think it will go well. Coldplay has great hits that a lot of people like and the mixture of Beyoncé and Bruno Mars will be an interesting twist. I may be just a fruit that likes Coldplay, but I think it will be a good half time show this year.

Tim Mitchell

For multiple years, the NFL has thrown a logistical overhaul over the halftime performance by banning the live feed of instruments. Even the iconic RHCP bassist Flea was overdubbed during the band’s halftime performance, along with the guitars and drums. As far as I know, Coldplay will be no different in this case, with Chris Martin’s vocals soloing over a backing track.

The NFL wants controllable, safe, logistically-sound entertainment that will appeal to the greatest common denominator. All this talk of “who deserved it more” is quite plainly pointless. Just like the Grammy awards, the purpose of the big game isn’t to highlight the most musically-talented, intellectually-challenging, generation-defying artists – it’s to identify what constitutes as entertainment at its core definition.

Don’t invest yourselves too heavily in the debate, friends. It’s not that worth it.


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